Thread Session 07 - The One Point Hook Up

Description: Reputations have been made with the 5 effects in this lesson: One Point Hookup, The Animated Straw, The Coin in Beer, Card from Hat, Whirling Card, Ring on Pencil

Source: Michael Ammar "Easy to Master Thread Miracles" Volume 2 DVD

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* A performance video is not available for this product - because the explanations and performances are one in the same.

The One Point Hookup has been used effectively by magicians for centuries. So you know if this technique worked when threads weren’t close to being really invisible, you can imagine how powerful it can be when done with the invisible threads of today.


This Session reveals the method Al Baker used to create a sensational reputation years ago, when the thinnest thread you could work with was a human hair. With the invisible threads used today, these techniques can be even more relevant than ever before. 

Following this is a section on an amazing hookup that makes it possible to walk around with and reuse one length of invisible thread over and over. In recent years Jon LeClair used this technique to perform such miracles that the hookup is referred to as The LeClair Hookup. 

Section 2

The One Hand Hookup

Al Baker's Erectile Bill

Socrate's Personal Chi Power

Section 3

The Leclair Hookup Floating Bill

The Whirling Card

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Thread Session 07 - The One Point Hook Up

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