Amazing Secrets of Card Magic – Lesson 1

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Lesson 1

Magic Card Reversal

The Finger Flinger

Definitions of Card Magic

Mind Power

Slop Shuffle

Fundimentals of Magic

In this first session on Card Magic, I want to make sure you have a true grasp of the fundamentals, but I can also relate to the need for some sort of instant gratification. So right away I teach you how to perform 2 different versions of Finger Flinger. An effect that makes you look like a sleight-of-hand expert yet which happens almost by itself.

This is the perfect first step, from the terminology used in Card Magic as well as 4 impressive effects you can perform right away!

From a production perspective, the information is layered on the screen in ways that move the information more quickly and effectively. Every explanation was carefully scripted to cover every necessary detail clearly but also as concisely as possible, so you’re never bogged down with boring, unnecessary details. Multiple, broadcast quality cameras give close up views of everything you’ll need to see! The Finger Flinger - An instantly gratifying effect you can perform right away that looks like hard core sleight-of-hand.

Card Terminology - Definitions you’ll need to be familiar with.

Mind Power - A beautiful principle used with 2 cards here, but which can easily be done with 3, 4 or more cards.

Slop shuffle - This is an In-The-Hands version of the classic effect where cards are shuffled face up into face down, only to have the entire deck immediately facing the same way except for the selection!

Fundamentals - Basic yet universally important advice valid for any student of magic.

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Amazing Secrets of Card Magic – Lesson 1

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