21st century card trick by Ed Marlo. Instructor Michael Ammar

Effect: After a spectator selects a card, 3 piles of 7 cards are placed on the table. The card magically moves from the first pile, to the second, to the third...and finally under the spectator's finger!

Creator: Ed Marlo

Source: "Easy to Master Card Miracles" Volume 9 DVD

Format: Download mp4

Size: 47MB

Watch the performance:

21st Century Card Trick

But surely you know this isn’t the tired, boring, mathematical version, right? No, no. This is the way Ed Marlo would do it when he wanted to fool the boys! This is his "21st Century 21 Card Trick"! But that doesn’t mean it’s a knuckle-buster to perform. Ed knew the perfect way to use a person’s expectations about an effect in both the method and the presentation, so anyone who thinks he knows where the routine is going ends up more blown away than ever! When you perform this routine, it’s fun to realize the skeptical viewer won’t know it’s too late until... well, until it’s too late! 

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21st Century Card Trick

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